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AirEco V1 Car Air Purifier

To purify air efficiently, AirEco is the choice.

Patented appearance design | Patented purification material | Effective purification of air

Design patent: ZL201930202665.4

High efficiency purification

Automotive air conditioning HEPA filter can effectively intercept PM2.5 particles, but can’t purify
formaldehyde, toluene and other gas pollutants.
AirEco V1 air purifier uses AOP-KF®[1] patented purification material, effectively purify formaldehyde,
toluene and other gas pollutants.

  • Chemical aldehyde removal

    The traditional activated carbon passively adsorbs gas pollutants by physical means. It will cause secondary pollution after reaching the adsorption limit.
    AOP-KF® purification material with strong oxidizing properties, easy to ionize and hydrolyze into OH radicals, and actively combines with formaldehyde molecules (HCHO) to form H2O and CO2, purifying formaldehyde more thoroughly, green and long-lasting.

  • Scientific air duct design

    Efficient filter, large air inlet, DC brushless moto with low power consumption and high-performance form a scientific air duct design, effectively accelerate the air flow inside the car, and circulate the purified fresh air to every corner in car.

    Silent, DC brushless motor[2]

    DC brushless motor, dual balls bearing fan, with low noise, large air volume, low power consumption and long life.

  • Rotational Speed
  • Air Volume
  • Noise
  • 360° wind inlet, better purification effect

    Appearance and filter are round design, 360° wind inlet, effectively increase the contact area of air and the filter to accelerate the circulation of the air, resulting in better purification.

  • Wind Intake Mode
  • Wind Intake Area
  • High efficiency and low power consumption

    Thanks to the excellent components and vertical air duct design, the power of AirEco is 2.5W when it’s working full speed, purification energy efficiency is 2.64[3].

  • Working Power
  • Standby Power
  • Purification Efficiency
  • 3-speed touch control

    Touch panel with high-grade dark gray CD pattern, engraving LOGO, metal shell.

    1st Silent: Green| 2nd Medium: Blue | 3rd Strong: Red

  • Statement:
    1. AOP-KF® is the name of purification material. China's invention patent number is ZL201610010790.0, U.S. invention patent number is US 10,183,187 B2。
    2. DC motor pictures are only for easy display, for reference only.
    3. Purification Efficiency = CADR/Power Consumption.