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Swivel 360° to capture any angle
Swivel 360° to capture any angle
The holder is 360° rotatable to capture footage in front, on the side, and even inside the car.
2K super HD video record
Support recording video with 2560x1440 resolution. Increase 77% of pixel density than 1080P. More clear video. Capture every detail.
F1.8 large aperture, Star-class imaging
Using F1.8 ultra large aperture. 20% more light into the lens than normal F2.0 aperture.
Enough light into the image sensor even at night, With 4MP OV4689 image sensor.
160° wide angle, Take into
account the shooting angle and distance
160° wide angle, Easy cover 3 car lanes, HD shooting farther, Take into account
the video shooting angle and distance.
Hi3516D main chip
Mini 1 is based on the new ultra HD chip Hisilicon Hi3516D. The video specification is increased to 2K. Provide continuous upgrade optimization.
Support 128GB Class 10 high speed TF card
Support 128GB storage. You can record a 17h video with 2K resolution. Never miss a moment on the road.
Easy video editing,
Convenient to share
Chose any photo or video in the App album, edit it and share to
Neekin “Discovery” or other SNS directly from the APP.
Black and gray is a combination of capability and prudence. They are the classic fashion colors and representative of minimalism.
No matter how complex design, with black and gray color, it will become simple and cool.
Red represents auspicious, confident, enthusiasm and unrestrained.
It’s said that people likes red color is full of pride, vitality and bouquet like wine.
Representative color of innocence and elegance. One of the most fashionable popular color.
The rose pink is like wind, which gently stroke your hair with fresh and sweet atmosphere.
Silvery represents nobleness, elegance and eternity.
It’s a representative color of fashion and avant-garde.
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